About Us

About Us:

About Us:

It all started with one question. How can I learn more about this job and the company?


Job searching can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes a never ending up-hill battle. The average job seeker spends roughly 25 hours a week searching for jobs and reading online reviews and articles of the company. Paired with all that time spent, sometimes these reviews and articles are inaccurate and biased! That’s why we created an alternative solution to job seeking and networking.

Enter Connectslice.com: The first anonymous-free platform where job seekers can pay to speak to employees that work at their favorite companies. Discover and rely on legitimate sources for employee perspectives, company insights, interview questions, culture, what to expect on Day 1, growth opportunities, and all other job related inquires you may have. Who knows, you may even come to find out that the company you’ve been dreaming of working for is not the right fit for you after talking to someone that works there.

Our goal is to offer a more transparent platform where users can speak to legitimate employees anonymously free. Whether you’re looking to work for a major Fortune 500 company, a reputable private company, or a small-startup, ConnectSlice offers you the opportunity to gather as much information you can from the experts who work there themselves.

We’re here to help guide and mentor you through the tough parts and help you land your dream job. So devote less time researching and reading anonymous reviews, and spend more time connecting, chatting, and learning from the real employees!