What is ConnectSlice?

  • ConnectSlice is an online service marketplace platform dedicated to connecting job seekers and employees together. We help bridge the gap and connect you with former or current employees that work at one of your favorite companies. Think of Fiverr.com but geared towards job seeking and paying to connect.

How does ConnectSlice work?

  • Simply browse for employees or companies you would like to work for or learn more about. Browse employee profiles, ratings, and reviews before making a selection. Once you have found someone you would like to connect with, place an order with them and you two are now connected and ready to speak.

How can I find an employee or a company?

  • You can find the companies or employees you want to connect with by browsing through ConnectSlice’s catalog in different categories, or by using ConnectSlice’s search engine and filters to find a specific company, industry, or an employee to talk to.

Is ConnectSlice only for job seekers? 

  • No it’s not only for job seekers. ConnectSlice can also be used for current employees as well searching for other opportunities. Our community is built towards creating a more transparent method of connecting job seekers and employees together.

How do I connect with someone?

  • After you have found an employee you’re interested in talking to, click on their profile for more information such as description of work history, education, and overall pricing. When you feel like you’ve found what you need, simply proceed with placing that order and connecting with them. If you have any specific questions, we recommend contacting the employee prior to ordering.

How long are the consultations with employees?

  • ConnectSlice offers two sessions that users can select and employees can agree to. A 30 minute and a 60 minute session.

What method of communication can I use to speak with an employee?

  • You have the option to select whichever communication method is most comfortable and suitable for you both. This includes Skype/video sessions, phone calls, in person meet-ups, email, third-party platform messaging (LinkedIn, Facebook), or any other method you both prefer. We recommend messaging the employee about communication prior to placing an order.

How do I select the type of communication with my employee?

  • Once you have found someone you’re interested in talking to, simply click and select the preferred method of communication you desire to speak with that employee. Our platform will direct you to enter basic information and and an employee will contact you on the scheduled date. Although, we recommend messaging the employee about the preferred method of communication prior to placing an order with them.

Is signing up a requirement?

  • To browse companies and employee profiles is free. However, if you’d like to connect and talk to employees, signing up with ConnectSlice is required.

Are employees on ConnectSlice anonymous-free?

  • Yes, unlike other traditional websites, ConnectSlice allows users to view profiles of employees, profile pictures, bio, and employment history. Consider us like a Fiverr for connecting but geared towards to job seeking industry. We offer a method of connecting an employee and a job seeker together through a pay-per-hour model for professional consulting services.

What is a “consultant?”

  • A consultant is another term we used deemed for employees. We call them “consultants” as a nickname.

Who exactly can apply to become a consultant?

  • Anybody can apply! ConnectSlice is an open platform for anyone who has worked in any job, any category, and any level. If you have work experience and would like to share your perspective with job seekers, go ahead and apply! We vet all of our applicants prior to having them become consultants on our website. We encourage everyone in our community to apply and become a consultant.

So any current/former employee can apply to become a consultant? 

  • Yupp! You got it. Any current/former employee is eligible to apply regardless of employment level. (hourly, salary, intern, co-op, apprenticeship, etc). Once vetted and verified, customize your profile to get more job seekers to connect with you.

Am I buying a referral, a job, an interview? 

  • You are not buying any of these things from our consultants. Instead, users are paying to connect with employees that work at their favorite companies. You can ask questions in regards to resume help, cover letter experience, employee perspective, interview Q/A’s, company culture, and all other types of general inquirers you may have. Think of using ConnectSlice as a way to pay to speak to an employee and gather insights rather than scouting reviews online or trying to connect with them on LinkedIn. It’s a more of a transparent method of connecting you two together.


How does your team verify a consultant/employee? 

  • Our team verifies applicants through a vetted employment check and ensure employees are who they claim they are. We also require additional proof of documentation(s) such as ID, phone/work email verification if necessary. We are working on technology to better help vet the identities of people who apply to become consultants on our website so stay tuned for that!

As a job seeker/user how can I verify someone’s account or identity if I wanted to go the extra mile?

  • ConnectSlice makes the deciding factor as to who can or cannot become a consultant. However, you have the freedom to conduct your own due diligence through various resources and social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to verify a person’s professional identity. Remember, consultants that use ConnectSlice opt in to sharing their real names, work history, and pictures so you can conduct your own duo diligence by searching for them on LinkedIn. However, you can chose to withhold this and provide aliases/avatar pictures instead.

I applied as a consultant, but got rejected. What’s next?

  • If you were rejected as a consultant on ConnectSlice, we encourage you reach out to support@connectslice.com and ask what other criteria you needed in order to be approved. There are multiple reasons why someone was not approved and we want to provide you with the best approach on how what you need in order to be approved.

What is the charge rate to speak with someone?

  • Hourly rates are dictated by the consultants themselves. They have the freedom to place a fixed rate given how they value their time, experience, and overall knowledge of the companies they’ve worked for. We strongly encourage our users to contact an employee and negotiate a price prior to booking should they be willing to accept.

What happens if I did not like the consultation I received?  

  • We hope that each of our employees will satisfy all your inquiries and thoughts in regards to a consultation however, if you are unsatisfied, you can leave a review of your consultant and provide feedback. Our community is built on trust between our users so please utilize this to the fullest extent. Additionally, please send us a message to support@connectslice.com, and we will assist you right away.

How are reviews and other content moderated? 

  • We moderate the content on our site 24/7 with our quality support team. Objectionable language or content is strictly prohibited on our website and could get your account suspended or terminated as this is against our Terms and Conditions policy. If you feel that your consultant did not meet your expectations while you spoke with them, please rate them and shoot us an email at support@connectslice.com and we will assist you furthermore in the matter.

What type of employees from which companies can I connect with? 

  • ConnectSlice provides the option for anyone to become a consultant. With that being said, we aim to have every employee vetted and verified so they can not only connect with job seekers, but can also make money as well. ConnectSlice also holds partnerships with several different companies to help grow our community.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it? 

  • Please follow the instructions on the Sign-up/log-in page to retrieve your password.

Can I add my consultant on LinkedIn after I am done speaking with them?

  • Yes, you absolutely can! If both individuals enjoyed connecting with each other and there is another opportunity for your professional network to grow, you can add them on LinkedIn if you felt there was a solid connection between you two. Our platform is open-based, so you can view someone’s LinkedIn profile even before deciding to connect with them!

Why are some consultants more expensive than others?

  • Each consultant posses different years of experience in a job or different years of experience with several different jobs. Due to the diversity of consultants available on ConnectSlice, we make it an option for consultants to select and chose their own prices as a reflection of how valuable their time, experience, and knowledge they bring to the table. Consultants can easily change their hourly rate under their profile page.

How can I protect myself if I provide my email or phone number to connect with this person? 

  • ConnectSlice understands that providing information is personal and not meant to be shared with everyone. That’s why we encourage our users to only select the preferred method of communication you and providing those credentials instead.

Legally, can a boss or manager punish me if they discover their employees are discussing and participating in Q&A’s with eager job seekers? 

  • In general; no. But keep in mind, when you talk about your employer, you are responsible for abiding by the law and lawful contractual obligations you’ve agreed to. So, to be sure you cannot be punished by your employer, your reviews and thoughts should state your opinion about workplace conditions, not make statements of fact that could be proven false. And your reviews should not disclose trade secrets or confidential business information. Here is a link to a similar question posted on GlassDoor about employers punishing employees for posting on company review sites like GlassDoor. https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/can-my-boss-or-employer-fire-me-for-posting-on-glassdoor/
  • We’d also like to point out, these conversations already occur daily over social media, online reviews, and between friends/peers everywhere. Conversations like these are a commonplace for WOM to spread about the company, expectations, what it’s like to work there, and more!


How can I apply to become a consultant? 

  • To become a consultant, please click on any of the following hyperlinks or banners that state, “Become a Consultant”. Follow the steps and begin completing your profile. Once it has been submitted and verified by our team, we will approve the submission and your profile will be available. The approval process takes between 24-48 hours.

What exactly should I put on my profile? 

  • Your profile should reflect things like companies you have previously or are currently working for, years of experience, educational background, job title/description, and of course your hourly rate. Remember, you’re selling yourself and your work history profile to the masses of people who are interested in learning more and paying to connect with you. So fill out as much as you possibly can!

Can I upload my LinkedIn profile to share my work history experience?

  • Yes, you can do this! Your profile can be manually entered, or you can connect it via LinkedIn or Facebook for a fast and easy upload. You can also remove/edit information on your ConnectSlice profile once you’ve uploaded it from any other third party website.

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn profile. How can I provide details of my employment?

  • Although connecting with LinkedIn is the fastest and most convenient way to fill out your profile, we understand some individuals may not use one. You can manually enter your employment history as an alternative. We may be reaching out to you to for additional documentations to verify your employment identity.

What are these check-marks I have next to my job(s)? 

  • These are verified check-marks indicating and verifying your employment identity. This guides and also provides additional verification for users looking to buy and protecting the marketplace from fraudulent employees and falsified employment information.

How does ConnectSlice administer these check-marks? 

  • Our system is able to detect and verify jobs and employment identities upon application/approval. ConnectSlice has a vetted and proprietary system that calculates and administers these check-marks if certain criteria/credentials are met.

How can I get a verified check mark next to my job? 

  • Please reach out to our customer support team at support@connectslice.com for additional information on this

So ConnectSlice allows anyone to become a consultant and administers “check-marks” to verify them in the marketplace. 

  • Yupp. You got it.

Can I still have a good chance of being hired if I don’t have check-marks next to all the jobs I have had in the past? 

  • We encourage our buyers to not only view the check-marks next to your jobs as the only measure to decide to purchase a consultation from you, but we encourage them to view your ratings/reviews as well. The check-marks provided are just another way ConnectSlice is able to vet the employment identities of individuals who apply to become consultants and protect the buyers who purchase to connect and speak with you from fraudulent employees or falsified information.

I’m currently unemployed, but have worked at a lot of other companies. Can I still apply to become a consultant?

  • Yes you can still apply to become a consultant.

What are these tags I see on the bottom of my profile and are they required to be filled?

  • Yes, these tags are required to be filled. The tags replicate a summary of what you do at your job(s) summed up into one word. The tags are available so your profile is easier to search and more accessible for a user who is interested in learning or seeking employment in that sector. The maximum tags someone can select for themselves in that occupation is five.

How do I fill out the tags or edit the tags? 

  • Once approved to become a consultant on our site and offer your services, you can click on you profile page and hit “edit profile”. From there, you will have the option to add/edit tags yourself. If you see a tag that is not there, you can add that tag into our database.

How can I update my profile page to edit jobs/companies I am working for? 

  • Easy! Simply sign in and click “edit profile”. This process will navigate to your profile page allowing you to make any changes, customization, or edits.

How do I list or change my hourly rates? 

  • In your profile settings, you have the option to edit information such as hourly rates, work history, bio, pictures, and other things as well.

Can I remain anonymous and still provide a consultation? 

  • We encourage our users to remain open faced and transparent to allow full access and credibility of job seekers looking to connect. You can however, remove your picture and provide an alias name for anonymity purposes, but we encourage users to connect and leave their LinkedIn profile below so users can click and view you fully. One of the core missions of ConnectSlice is to provide a more transparent method of allowing a job seeker and an employee together. The more open and available your profile is, the more likely a user will trust it and you.

Someone just ordered a consultation to connect with me. What happens next?

  • Once an order has been placed for the date and timing you would like to speak with them, that slot has now been booked. To cancel, simply hit “cancel order” and the slot will re-open. We strongly encourage our users to message employees prior to and after booking.

How do I mark a consultation order as complete?

  • Employees will have the option to mark their orders as complete the moment a job seeker has booked a session with them. However, we strongly urge our consultants to wait and mark the order as complete only after the consultation has been fully conducted.

What happens if I completed the session with someone, but did not mark the order as “delivered” or “completed?”

  • If an order was placed between the two and the service was delivered but not marked as complete, the employee does not receive the payment until that session is marked as completed.

How long do I have to mark the order as completed after someone has placed an order to connect with me? 

  • ConnectSlice offers up to a maximum of five (5) days for consultants to mark the order as completed or delivered in their dashboard. If you do not mark this order as completed, the funds will not be released into your dashboard account.

Is there anything ConnectSlice will do to provide updates for me if I forget to mark my order as “delivered?”

  • ConnectSlice will send updates and notifications to your phone or email reminding you to mark these session as delivered.

After I marked the order as delivered, what happens next? 

  • After the order has been marked as delivered, the user/job seeker will have a maximum of three (3) days to mark the order as approved verifying the entire session has taken place and they have received their consultation. If within 3 days the buyer has not marked the completed order as “approved”, ConnectSlice will immediately mark it as approved and the consultant will receive their payment in their dashboard account.

I just received a order to connect with somebody next week and they would like to do a video-chat. I’d prefer something over the phone. 

  • If a user selects that they would like to communicate in one way and you feel another, feel free to message them and ask to change the communication method. We encourage our users to connect and talk before/after a consultation order is placed or completed.

Someone has placed an order with me for next week and I have marked it as “in-progress”, but I cannot make it. What happens next?

  • If you are unable to make the scheduled date to consult and talk to the user after marking it “in-progress”,we will automatically close the consultation and issue the paid amount back to the buyer 24 hours after the scheduled delivery date. We encourage messaging prior to placing orders and having both parties communicate. If a new date has been selected between you two after talking, the user can request another date or you can send another date at a more appropriate desire/time. We encourage our consultants on the website to only mark it “In-progress” within 12-24 hours before the scheduled date of delivery to ensure proper delivery.

Can I remove my name, profile picture, and other personal things on my ConnectSlice profile?

  • Yes, you can. You can place an avatar instead of your profile picture. However, we encourage our consultants to remain open and share everything about their work history, educational background, and professional history. Remember, you are selling yourself to eager job seekers and people are paying to connect with you. So the more information withheld, the less of a chance you have for selection and connection.

Is sign-up mandatory? 

  • To be considered as consultant, yes. Signing up is mandatory.

As a consultant with an open profile, should I be concerned my employer might find out I’m discussing my job with people in general?

  • ConnectSlice is continuing to partner with employers to help build it’s community. Remember, you are only answering questions for users who are eager to work there or are just interested in learning more about the company. You may come across an individual who may ask you something confidential during your consultation at which point and time, we strongly urge you to take into consideration the NDA you signed with that company. However, merely speaking about the job and answering questions in regards to HR, interview processes, and all other job-related questions is not in violation to your NDA or contract you signed with your company, and you cannot be punished by doing so. ConnectSlice does not condone the behavior or approves of any release of Company proprietary or confidential information from current/former employees. For additional information on this, please select “Employers” on our FAQ’s.

I received a bad consultation and felt that the review was unfair. What can I do?

  • Feedback is here to stay at ConnectSlice. If there is an unfair review you came across, please reach out to support@connectslice.com, and we will look into this matter further. If users continue to accumulate negative reviews, they are subject according to ConnectSlice’s TOS agreement for their accounts to be suspended or terminated indefinitely.

I’m working for Company X, and someone keeps asking me suspicious questions about insider information, mergers, and other hard to answer questions about the Company’s technology. What should I do?

  • If you feel a user is asking too private or too personal questions about the company or job and are uncomfortable answering it, you should decline to answer these questions. You can also view their profile and rate/review your time with them as well and provide your feedback to help the community protect itself against fraudulent behavior like this. If a user is asking suspicious and confidential questions, please email support@connectslice.com and escalate this issue as we will conduct a further investigation into this matter. Please provide details of the username and URL link as well in your email.

Am I allowed to refer someone to my job or fast-track their resume if I think they’re a good fit for the company?

  • Yes, you can. This is one of the unique things ConnectSlices platform offers to its users. Companies are continually looking for different ways to recruit and hire raw talent. Referrals are one of the many tools used to help hiring managers select talent. If you spoke with someone and had a great conversation and felt that they would perform well within the company then by all means, please refer them. Our core mission is finding a more transparent solution to connecting a job seeker and an employee together. So if you feel someone does meet the bar in your eyes, feel free to pass them and their resume along!

Can I share my resume with someone? 

  • Yes, you can do that. Our goal at ConnectSlice is to help and assist someone who would like to learn more about the company or the job.  So if you feel you can trust that user enough to provide your resume to them, then you have the absolute freedom to share your resume, cover letter, etc.

How do I share my resume/cover letter with this person? 

  • As a consultant you can share these documents on our messaging platform as attachments. You can also send them an email if you and the other party are willing to share and exchange personal information as well. Please review our Terms and Service Agreements before sharing any personal information with someone. Any violation of TOS Agreement page may result in your account being suspended or terminated.

How can I verify someone’s identity when they order a consultation with me?

  • Our platform offers inline messaging before or after an order is made. So if someone has placed an order to connect with you, you may send them messages and ask questions. You can also view the buyers profile and reviews before accepting payment and providing a consultation service. However, users/employees have the freedom to conduct their own due diligence through third-party platforms such as LinkedIn as well should they feel necessary to.


What types of questions am I allowed to ask? 

  • You have the freedom to ask ANY questions you would like to one of our consultants to answer such that they remain ethical, legal, and do not possess any intent to harm or intent to gain proprietary or confidential information of the company.

I found somebody I’d like to connect with. What do I do?

  • Simply hit Connect and pay up-front. From there, the consultant has a maximum of five days to complete their session with you. You may also message them directly to select which method of communication you two would prefer.

I just paid to speak with an employee however, he/she never reached back out to me? What do I do?

  • After an order has been placed by you, the consultant has a maximum of 72 hours to move it to the next stage which is “In-progress”. If the order is still in the “Active” status and no action has been taken, ConnectSlice will assume the order will not be continuing and we will fully release the funds back into your account.

I placed an order and it has been over 72 hours and it’s marked as “in-progress” yet I never heard anything back from my consultant? 

  • If the status of your session is marked as “in-progress” and the scheduled date to speak with them has not been met, ConnectSlice will issue the paid amount and refund it back to you. The refund will be issued only after 24 hours after the scheduled delivery date was supposed to take place. The refund will take roughly 2-3 business days to revert back into your account. We encourage our users to connect and message each other prior to placing an order as well as providing feedback on your experience with this consultant to help the community as well. We also encourage our users to change the status of the order to “In-progress” within 12-24 hours before the scheduled date of delivery to maximize security and trust with the order delivery.

How can I review my consultant after I just finished speaking with them?

  • After a session has been completed, you will be prompted to another screen to rate and review your experience with your consultant. Reviews are here to stay at ConnectSlice so if there is something you’d like to express to our quality team, please send us a message at support@connectslice.com.

There are a lot of people that have check-marks in some of their jobs, and some of them they don’t have any. Why is that? 

  • ConnectSlice has a proprietary tech that is able to detect someone’s employment and educational history upon application. Anybody can apply to become a consultant however, only individuals who receive check-marks mean these consultants have enough credibility and really have worked at these companies/schools they claim to be at. Think of the check-marks as a way we verify if you are a influencer on other social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram.

Should I buy and connect with someone if they don’t have any check-marks next to their job(s)? 

  • We encourage our users to not use only the check-mark system as a means to connect and talk to someone, but also consider other factors such as ratings/reviews, jobs completed, and overall hours spent consulting/talking to people. The check-mark verification system is an additional feature ConnectSlice implemented to vet the employment identities of consultants and protect buyers in the marketplace from falsified employment information.

I only want my name and resume referred by someone that works at my dream company. How can I make that happen?

  • We understand that landing a phone screen or an in-person interview at a company you’d like to work for might be tough, but ConnectSlice and consultants cannot guarantee you a referral. Referrals are made based on the interaction you have had with your consultant and only if they feel confident enough shall pass you along to their employers. There is no set number of times a consultation is required for you to be referred. It is up to the consultant to refer you. Use your time with your consultant to ask engaging and knowledgeable questions to help better prepare you for the job! Think of your time with that employee of the company as an “informational interview”.

I’ve been asking a lot of questions about the job,  and I noticed my consultant started talking a lot about insider information and trade secrets of the company I would like to work for. What should I do?

  • It is against our Terms of Service agreements for any consultant to violate the NDA they signed with their company. If you feel or notice something suspicious in your session with your consultant, please report that users account as discussing or disclosing any private/proprietary information about the Company they work for is strictly prohibited in our TOS which may lead to account suspension or termination.

I received a rating that was too low, and I felt it was unfair. What can I do?

  • Feedback is here to stay at ConnectSlice. If there is an unfair review you came across, please reach out to support@connectslice.com, and we will look into this matter further.

How can I verify that a consultant worked at the company they say they were employed for?

  • ConnectSlice conducts background checks on employees before they are accepted to be a consultant on our website. However, a user can conduct their own due diligence before placing an order and trying to speak with someone. Our platform offers in-line messaging before or after an order is placed, so you have the option to send messages and briefly ask questions about who they are and other background type questions. You can also use LinkedIn as a secondary platform to verify someone’s professional identity before sending payment and speaking to someone.

I searched for my consultant on LinkedIn, but I wasn’t able to verify or find their profile?

  • Some employees don’t have LinkedIn profiles or some decide to block the general public from viewing their profiles. In instances where you cannot find someone on LinkedIn, please message them directly for further clarification. However, generally speaking, most employees do have LinkedIn profiles since they are working individuals so their ConnectSlice profile should have a LinkedIn URL for your view. Our support team however does verify and conduct duo diligence on applicants who apply to become consultants. If you feel the there is someone on ConnectSlice that might not be who they claim to be, please send a message to support@connectslice.com. Our team will investigate further into this matter and provide the appropriate action for falsified information.

What are the maximum hours that I can speak with my consultant? 

  • Currently, the maximum number of hours to speak with a consultant is one hour or thirty-minute sessions. If you would like to speak with them again, please order another session with the same employee.


Do I have to pay upfront? 

  • Yes, you must pay upfront to receive a consultation from an employee. A consultation/service cannot be provided unless payment is provided upfront by a user looking to connect through ConnectSlice.

Do I have the option to message someone before paying them upfront? 

  • Yes, this option is available on our platform. Users can message an employee and briefly speak with them before proceeding to a consultation. However, a user must be signed into the platform before doing so.

What if my consultation was only thirty minutes long, but I paid for one hour(s) length? Do I receive the money back?

  • Unfortunately, ConnectSlice does not offer payback for this specific reason at this point and time. We strongly encourage our users to utilize the full hourly length if they selected it as they have paid for this up-front. We think it’s best to organize lists of questions, thoughts, and general advice before speaking with one of the employees to obtain the most insightful information.

Can I receive a refund if I am unsatisfied with the overall quality of the conversation I had with my consultant?

  • Buyers can request a refund only after they have successfully clicked the “Completed” button of their session. Once this button has been clicked, the buyer has a maximum of 7 days to click “Refund” for the booked session If after 7 days the buyer has not requested a refund, the buyer will not be eligible for a refund.

What if I placed an order and paid up front, but the consultant cancelled my order? What happens then? 

  • If an order was placed and then cancelled by the consultant, the funds paid will be refunded to your account as credits within 24-48 hours.

I placed an order with a consultant and they haven’t gotten back to me in within 24 hours. What happens next?

  • If an order is placed and is still “Active” for the next 72 hours with no response or action to the next stage, ConnectSlice will close this order out and fully refund the paid amount back to the buyer.

I scheduled a specific date/time with my consultant and that person never called or spoke with me, what happens next? 

  • If an order has been placed and if within 72 hours the order has not been marked to the “In-progress” stage, ConnectSlice consider this order to be closed and issue the paid refund back to the user. If the order status has however been marked as “in-progress” within 72 hours and yet no consultation was provided on the desire date, we urge users to please reach out to the support team and one of our customer representatives will follow-up on this inquiry. Please consider also reaching out to communicate further with your consultant as matters can be resolved this way too. Buyers are given the option to rate their experience with the seller and share their experience in a feedback review.

Can I request a refund if I did not get a referral or resumes/cover letters from this employee? 

  • ConnectSlice does not offer refunds for these types of matters. ConnectSlice does not guarantee that the employees using the website will offer these incentives to job seekers paying to connect with them, but instead you will have a chance to sell yourself to an employee that works at one of your favorite companies and will consider passing you along. Remember, the consultant is the employee there and it is solely up to them to decide if they would like to refer you or not. So use that time to try and learn as much as you can about the job and company and try and impress your consultant.

How much does ConnectSlice take as a percentage? 

  • For every payment made upfront, ConnectSlice collects 18% off of every transaction.

Can I pay outside of ConnectSlice?

  • Paying outside of ConnectSlice platform is against our Terms of Service agreement. Making payments outside of ConnectSlice will get your account either suspended or terminated. While payments done through ConnectSlice are completely safe and secure, any payments outside of ConnectSlice are not guaranteed. Not only that but if any issues arise with your payment, we won’t be able to assist you. We offer trust, quality validation of employee(s) and their profiles, and constant support from our team through ConnectSlices platform.

How do I receive the money as a consultant? 

  • You can view all of the funds you earned in your dashboard setting once you log in. After you have linked your Paypal or bank account for direct deposit, simply click “Deposit”, and the funds will be released and electronically wired to your preferred accounts.

How long will it take to get the funds into my account? 

  • It will take roughly 3-5 business days for the funds yo be deposited into your account.


As an employer, how can ConnectSlice help me?

  • ConnectSlice is not only a platform to help connect job seekers and employees together, but it’s also an opportunity to help employers humanize their brand and utilize their own employees as a recruitment asset. Rather than rely on your recruiting team to sift through thousands to millions of applications, ConnectSlice is offering the unique opportunity for you to use your own employees as an extension of the recruiting team. Now job seekers can pay to speak to employees and can be instantly connected. Your own employees can evaluate candidates and decide to refer them along the way if they feel they are a perfect fit for the company. This saves so much time, money, and the overall costs associates with head-hunting and essentially be able to scale to a global recruiting tool helping employers get raw talent delivered straight to them from their own employees.

Can I select specific employees to do this for me? 

  • You can select as many employees as you’d like to participate on this platform however, we encourage employers to provide access to all of their employees as not only a method for them to better network and gauge eager job seekers, but also as a way for them to speak to the thousands of eager job seekers and evaluate them and make the deciding factor to refer them along or not.

As an employer, I am concerned that my own employees might provide a negative review that they might have experienced that doesn’t necessarily embody the company principles. I am afraid that review will turn off a job seeker?

  • ConnectSlice understands this concern and we want to partner with employers everywhere. Conversations are already taken place on anonymous review sites and other social media sites on working for companies that offer unfavorable experiences as it is. Why not stay ahead of these conversations and try to embrace it? Instead, we seek to encourage employers to embrace these conversations and put their employees best foot-forward to provide candid feedback all while meeting an eager job seeker and evaluating them along the way. Instead of worrying about what your employees might say, challenge your employees to provide appropriate and proper feedback and evaluate job seekers along the process. People all over the world already spend time discussing what it’s like to work for different companies, so why not incentivize your own employees to connect and speak to job seekers everywhere.

Is Connectslice only available for current employees at my company? 

  • ConnectSlice offers a platform for all employees regardless of employment status. Job seekers will pay to speak to an employee that currently works at Company X, but the conversation may only be surrounded around their education, what it was like to work for Company Y and Z, or providing resume tips/feedback. The conversation may not even be tailored about what it’s like to work for your specific company and might be about previous employment and what it was like there. But this becomes a great opportunity for your own employees to connect with a job seeker and get a better sense of evaluating a job candidate when that right job seeker comes by.

What if employees give away proprietary and confidential information during the consultation? 

  • ConnectSlice does not condone the release of discussion of any confidential or proprietary information such as insider information, mergers, technology, acquisitions, and other secret private information of the company. Violating these conditions will result in their accounts being suspended or terminated. Additionally, job seekers can rate and review the quality of the conversations they have had with employees and share their experiences. We are working together to build a community that can trust and protect one another. If a consultant has too many negative or low ratings, per our TOS agreement, their account is subject to termination or suspension.

What happens if I tell my employees they cannot be using this service but they do it anyways. Can I fire them because I don’t know what they are saying?

  • In general; no. But keep in mind, when employees talk about their employers, they are responsible for abiding by the law and lawful contractual obligations you’ve agreed to. So, to be sure they cannot be punished by your you, their reviews and thoughts should state opinions about workplace conditions, not make statements of fact that could be proven false. Here is a link to a similar question posted on GlassDoor about employers punishing employees for posting on company review sites like GlassDoor. https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/can-my-boss-or-employer-fire-me-for-posting-on-glassdoor/

I still don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having my own employees talking about the company. I’m worried someone will just say too much or provide too many negative experiences. 

  • We think it’s all about being transparent in this day and age. We hear your concerns about employees providing experiences that aren’t necessarily favorable, but we’d also like to point out these reviews are already being discussed and documented all over the world. Some examples are GlassDoor, Indeed, Google reviews, social media, blogs, etc. By partnering with ConnectSlice, we think it put companies at an advantage and makes you  look more transparent and positive to feedback/reviews being given by your own employees. Additionally, GlassDoor shows that 70% of employees that use their website to write reviews, say they are “OK” or “Satisfied” with their job/company. Meanwhile, the average company rating is 3.4 (on a scale of 1-5). https://www.glassdoor.com/employers/start/common-questions.htm

What can I do as an employer on ConnectSlice to enhance our companies social media branding and presence? 

  • Stay tuned for additional information on “ConnectSlice with Employers”. A program where employers can enhance their social media presence about themselves and branding to the millions of job seekers on ConnectSlice!