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  • Shihab H

    Full Stack Developer

    2 Reviews 4 years experience 30.00$/hr 45.00$ earned

    Hello everyone. Shihab H here coming to you from Palo Alta, CA. I am a  full-stack developer working at Tesla. My primary roles include dealing with testing Diagnostic Servers frameworks that are embedded within the vehicle itself. I work daily with the manufacturing and engineering team to ensure high quality software and provide hundreds of diagnostics to thousands of Tesla technicians everywhere.

    I work daily with JS frameworks such as Angular, React, Express, and Handlebars. If you’re interested in learning…

  • Hamlet A.

    Associate Counsel

    3 Reviews 5 years experience 35.00$/hr 105.00$ earned

    Hi everyone! My name is Hamlet Avakian and I am working in the legal department as an Associate Counsel at Airbnb. I have been in my role for almost 5 years now and love what I do. I work with a team of others in the legal department breaking ground in government compliance, policy, law, and much more!

    Prior to Airbnb I was a paralegal at MetLife working in New York City! I have spent majority of my life in…

  • Shanil

    Area Manager

    3 years experience 25.00$/hr 0 earned

    Hey everybody! My name is Shanil Issa and I am an Area Manager at Amazon.com working in their Print On Demand department located in Carrolton, TX. I have been with Amazon for almost 3+ years and got the job right out of college in early 2016. My typical duties include managing a team of 60+ associates, ensuring quality and productivity metrics are met within my department, and problem solving any issues my team faces throughout the day.

    I attended Florida…

  • Fadila Ahmed

    Software Engineer Intern

    4 Reviews 1 year experience 21.50$/hr 52.50$ earned

    Hello World! I am Fadila Ahmed and I am a software engineer intern at Amazon. I have been with the company for almost a year now and am am excited to see where I can go within the company after my internship contract expires. I work at HQ in Seattle, WA dealing with hardware engineering/development of Smart Home Devices such as Echo, Echo Dot, Alexa, and a few other product lines as well.

    It’s pretty amazing and neat to see…

  • Morgan

    Quality Assurance Analyst

    4 Reviews 0 years experience 28.50$/hr 70.00$ earned

    Hi my name is Morgan Melvin and I am a Quality Assurance Analyst at Coinbase.com. I have been in my role for 2+ years now ensuring the site receives proper automation, debugging, and automated testing to fix all errors/bugs the servers might encounter.

    We work closely with the software engineering team testing their code and communicate with them on a daily basis on any flaws, upgrades, or de-bugging that needs to occur.

    Please message me if you’d like to learn…

  • Martin

    Investment Analyst Intern

    5 Reviews 1 year experience 21.00$/hr 84.00$ earned

    Hi, my name is Martin Harvey and I am an Investment Analyst intern working at JP Morgan. I have been with the company for almost 2 years now and live in New York city where they’re headquartered.

    The hours at at my job are quite long (as most banking analyst positions are) and I work sometimes on weekends too. My typical day is mixed between meetings, preparing pitch-books/presentations to my management team, and a TON of research and analysis of…